No matter what race, religion, politics or sexual persuasion Lifesize can connect you.

We all want to pull down the boundaries, connect and engage more effectively. You'd think this would be one of the outcomes of video conferencing - but we've hit a snag.

What’s held back the spread of video conferencing?

What stops the spread and adoption of video conferencing is that different solutions don’t work together. Buy an Office 365 solution – you’ll have great fun working in with Office 365. Same with Polycom. Same with Cisco.

Many companies have abandoned their video conferencing investment, or at best only utilise their system internally - where, obviously, they share the same brand of hardware.

It’s not all doom and gloom –  the benefits are many and undeniable. Obvious benefits like reducing company travel and training costs as well as the more complex benefits associated with improvements in productivity and collaboration.

“Internal” video conferencing simply makes sense – but imagine if we could arc up these benefits by communicating OUTSIDE the boundaries of your current system?

The Aria Technologies pet food company

At Aria Technologies “we eat our own dog food”. I can’t remember the last internal meeting not conducted on the Lifesize platform, even one-to-one meetings due to the easy to use collaboration tools. I wouldn’t dream of running my weekly sales and marketing meetings in any other medium.

Lifesize leading the charge to video conferencing

The latest development in the Lifesize Cloud suite of solutions delivers the ability to inter-operate with almost any vendor’s hardware.

Now - regardless of the vendor at either side of the conference (be they traditional vendors like Polycom or Cisco) - or more contemporary offerings such as Starleaf, Skype for Business and even Office 365 - the Lifesize platform can accommodate ALL existing approaches.

This Lifesize solution provides a low-cost entry point to deliver an ecumenical - hardware agnostic - video conferencing platform – removing the barriers and enabling communication across different systems.

How do we help customers – what’s the opportunity?

Show your customers they can video conference with parties OUTSIDE their organisation – and reap the benefits!

Download our white paper explaining the solutions – and how you can bring your customers into the world without walls.

Seeing is believing.

Enable customers to VC with parties outside organisation - free whitepaper

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