All I want for Christmas is business continuity

Willow here!

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of implementing strong business continuity plans to ensure you and your customers can stay connected and productive in challenging times.

It has become more apparent now than ever that we need to be permanently equipped for staff to work from anywhere, anytime - collaboratively – sometimes without notice.

In the new world, business continuity will be critical.

Aria Technologies can confidently provide solutions that will assist to deliver business continuity into the future – come rain, hail, fire, or pandemic.

As businesses adapt to the new normal, business resilience is no longer optional.

Aria Technologies confidently provide proven solutions that can help you implement robust business continuity plans to support your business now and into the future.

We offer various solutions from vendors including:

  • business nbn™
  • Ericsson-LG
  • LANCOM Systems
  • Check Point
  • StarLeaf

Source the component parts to craft tailored solutions for your customers to work anywhere, anytime – collaboratively.

Make sure you make your customers aware of the following business continuity solution components:

A fast, reliable, broadly available internet service is critical for business continuity and remote working.

nbn is making business-grade fibre more accessible, delivering on-request+ fibre upgrades to business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet to more businesses than ever before. They’re leveling the playing field by improving the availability of fibre builds and flattening traditional pricing structures that typically favoured capital city centres. 

Enterprise Ethernet is nbn’s premium wholesale business product, built upon a robust fibre network that’s designed to help businesses of any size, now and into the future. With wholesale symmetrical speed options of close to 1Gbps^, dedicated 24x7 service support to providers, and a wide choice of service providers.

+business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is only available in the nbn™ Fixed Line network footprint and at limited premises served by the nbn™ Fixed Wireless and Satellite networks. Costs may apply; customers should contact their preferred service provider to ask about availability and any fees and charges that may be applicable.

^Regardless of the retail service you purchase, the actual wholesale speeds delivered by the business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet product will be no more than 952Mbps due to equipment and network limitations. 



Ericsson-LG has a range of telephony, soft client and remote handset solutions that can easily be deployed outside the traditional environment.

1 - Mobile Extension (no internet required)

This is a great feature that presents an incoming office call to your handset/DID directly on your mobile number. No further applications are required.

This feature is similar to call forwarding however you can dial * on your mobile during a call to:

  • Transfer the call to another extension
  • Park the call
  • Dial a paging zone
  • Transfer the call to a conference room.

What else might your customers like to know?

  • These features are available with all Ericsson-LG extensions, including Ericsson-LG iPECS Cloud
  • Tele-workers can log in or out of a queue
  • Tele-workers can be notified of voicemail messages remotely
  • Tele-workers can call their DID to make an external call.
  • These mobile extension features can be turned on or off at the end of the day or shift.


iPECS UCS allows staff that are working remotely to easily make and receive a work call on any device. Calls can be handled as if the tele-worker was at their office handset.

3 - IP handsets and Cordless Phones

Remote tele-workers desiring a handset to work from home have the option of a cordless phone or IP handset. They simply take the device home and connect it to their home network to enjoy the same features as if they were working in the office.



LANCOM Virtual Private Networks provide businesses with safe and secure networks that can be utilised remotely. This offers your customers a safe, flexible and cost-effective way to achieve remote working with the highest level of security protocol enabled.

LANCOM SD WAN Site to Site allows for a router to be set up from home and connected via 4G or nbn™ for a direct connection back to the office. It's zero touch deployment - your customers' remote workers simply turn on the router. The home worker and their handset are now connected to the office.

LANCOM Management Cloud enables your customers to manage their network remotely, incredibly useful especially as people are encouraged to work from home.


Your total security is only as good as the weakest link.  You can have end point protection on your laptop – but what if the gremlins come in via your mobile?

Similarly – you might have everything at your end sorted out – but what if there are holes in your cloud and/or network security?

Check Point total security

You need to educate your customers that all of these intrusion points need to be covered.  In fact – checking on this for them would form a valuable (paid) assessment product.  Even 3 out of 4 isn’t enough.

  1. Mobile Threat Protection
    SandBlast Mobile offers enterprise mobile security that protects against threats to the OS, apps and network. Leveraging Check Point’s best-of-breed threat prevention technology, SandBlast Mobile offers the highest threat catch rate in the industry without impacting device performance or user experience.
  2. Endpoint Threat Protection
    Today’s borderless networks are redefining endpoint protection. With a variety of endpoints freely accessing networks, they’re storing sensitive corporate data. Because 70% of successful data breaches start on endpoints, a preventative approach to endpoint security can help stop cyber-attacks. SandBlast Agent is the advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention solution to protect your organisation.
  3. Cloud Threat Protection
    Many of us live under the incorrect assumption that “the cloud is safe.”  It’s not!  It’s only safe if you take proper precautions.  Protect your organisation from zero-day cyber-attacks with SandBlast Cloud, the market’s leading advanced threat prevention solution. Increase productivity while creating a secure environment with innovative technologies like threat emulation, threat extraction and artificial intelligence.
  4. Network Threat Protection
    Having secured our mobiles, other endpoint devices and the cloud – all that’s left is to secure your internal network (perimeter). Protect your organisation from zero-day cyber-attacks with SandBlast Network, the market leading firewall solution. Increase productivity while creating a secure environment with innovative technologies like threat emulation, threat extraction and artificial intelligence.


StarLeaf logo_large

Network speed, security etc are all irrelevant if remote workers can’t collaborate.

StarLeaf offers enterprise grade video conferencing and security features.

Its ease of use is ideal for a broad range of remote workers, and key capabilities include:

  • Instant video meetings
  • Unlimited meetings and guest invites
  • Invite anyone with a PC, Mobile, Tablet, Mac into a meeting
  • Audio conferencing
  • Zero touch install
  • End-to-end encryption
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified


After what has been a challenging year for most, I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy festive season.

We look forward to working with you in 2021! 

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