Budgeting to achieve marketing ROI

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At Aria we try and do a lot of the marketing heavy lifting for our Partners – but nevertheless each Partner needs to undertake their own activities, and this requires budget allocation.

But how much budget will move the dial?

(This reminds me of that famous ad agency joke – “We all know that only half our marketing works – we just don’t know which half!”)

So, we should now discuss our 9th and final marketing trend – how not to spend too much nor too little on marketing.

Challenge #9 – Determining optimal marketing budget


This is a broad topic – and is a path fraught with danger. It doesn’t matter how much we spend on marketing – if it’s not “good marketing” even $1 spent is a waste!

Similarly – we might have the greatest social and content campaign the world has seen – but if we starve it of oxygen, we just mightn’t give it a chance to work!

So – what is best practice?

Good question.CDC_Draft1_Aria Hubspot Blog Figure Graphics_8.7_Left

Lots of research has been done around the most effective B2B marketing methods,
how much to spend, what channels to use etc.

As is my way, I’m going to take the slightly easy way out, and refer you to a white
paper written by our marketing partner Carpe Diem Consulting, that summarises all
CDC_Draft1_Aria Hubspot Blog Figure Graphics_6_Rightof these issues.

Some of the statistics shown are certainly food for thought.

For example – for B2B organisations selling hard products, the average marketing spend is 8.7% of company revenues. If we’re selling services, this drops to 6.0% (presumably because the quality of a service can sell itself.) 

CDC_Draft1_Aria Hubspot Blog_Word of mouth Graphic_Right


By far and away – word of mouth/referrals by a factor of well over 2 is the leading revenue channel (compared to content marketing, SEO, email marketing etc.)

There really is some thought-provoking stuff in here – just click on the report’s image to download:



Maximising your marketing ROI chances

Why spend marketing dollars on something you don’t have to!

Work in with us here at Aria so we can jointly run campaigns, give you the benefit of our experience on what does and doesn’t work etc.

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I look forward to our joint prosperity in 2020!

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