Disruptive Selling™ - The God-like ability to create deals out of nothing!

Thoughts from Willow.

Have you ever wanted a Sales ‘magic wand’, with the ability to create new deals at will?! We think our latest nationwide training initiative could give you just that!

At Aria Technologies we want to provide you, our Partners, with the best possible solutions for your customers.

But more than that – for both our sakes(!) – we want you to sell more of our stuff!

And we want to help you do that in a win/win/win way – win for your customer, win for you, and a win for Aria.

To this end, and to help you create new deals at will, we’re about to embark on an intensive series of training sessions right across Australia, to assist you to understand and use a proprietary process called Disruptive Selling™, which will quite literally give you this God-like quality to create new deals at will!

How does it work?

I’ve invited sales expert Bruce Rasmussen, who developed the methodology, to write a few words below. He and his colleague Joanne Edgar will be working with myself to deliver the magic around Australia. Bruce and Joanne have previously run sessions for Microsoft, Juniper, Symantec and Aria Partners – and internally within Telstra – and the results have been outstanding.

Over to Bruce…

Thoughts from Bruce

Thanks Willow.

Just to kick off by killing a holy cow – research by the Corporate Executive Board reveals that the ‘Relationship Builder’ is the POOREST performing sales profile(!). The HIGHEST performing sales profile is what they call the ‘Challenger™’, someone who is happy to debate the customer, putting forward a contrary point of view.

We’ve harnessed this thinking and leveraged it to produce our Disruptive Selling™ methodology.

How does it work?

It revolves around the realisation that we engage with B2B buyers too late – when they already know what they want to buy. Call this late buyer engagement, ‘ambulance chasing’, whatever you want – it’s the domain of low win rates, low margin, high competition, etc.

We don't sell how buyers buy

With Disruptive Selling™, our goal is to engage with potential buyers BEFORE they realise they have a need:

Selling along the new buyers journey

How do we do it?

The salesperson becomes a teacher – pointing out to the customer there is a better way to run their business.

For example:

  • ISDN is about to be withdrawn – but literally 1,000’s of customers don’t realise this – we need to TEACH them, hence creating an opportunity;
  • IT Managers don’t realise that 10% of users with network access have already resigned and left the company – we need to TEACH them, hence creating an opportunity.

The training program will give you numerous examples and show you how to present these to your customers, educating them, making them start new buying journeys.


Register your place by contacting your Aria Regional Channel Manager, or contact us to find out more.

Disruptive selling create deals out of nothing training

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