Do your customers trust where their data is stored – indeed do they trust you?

“Data sovereignty” relates to the physical location of your customer’s data.

Many of your customers are moving at least part of their data to the cloud – but are they doing so “willy nilly?” Have they paused to consider:

  • Privacy
  • Security and
  • Legislative issues?

Sometimes data location is irrelevant – sometimes (particularly with new privacy laws in Australia), it simply can’t leave the country. The problem is – not all of your customers may be aware of where their data is physically located, particularly with the constant evolution of cloud platforms.

Cloud data configuration is critical – and can be complicated

The “old way” of monitoring and changing cloud data configuration involved a number of hardware and associated configuration changes – all done manually. This:

  • Increases manual effort
  • Increases administration
  • Adds costs, and
  • Reduces time to benefits realisation.

DATA SECURITY and SOVEREIGNTY IMPACTS could take a while to be noticed – let alone fixed!

In this “old world”, the configuration of all of the network components must be perfectly synchronised – routers, switches, and access points with agreed communication protocols, VLANs, QoS settings, firewall rules, authentication methods, and much more.

Building YOUR trust with your customers – showing them a better way

Data sovereignty - building trust with your customers

Click here to read our whitepaper - Fight the good fight! Protect customers' data sovereignty.

In it, you’ll learn about the need to educate your customers around the concept of Software Defined Networks and, to get really practical, how to recommend LANCOM solutions associated with LAN, WAN and WLAN.

As a bonus value-add – we’ll also share recent research as to how buyers rate sellers (like you!), outlining a typical hierarchy of how customers rate their relationship with organisations such as yours.

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