Everyone can see clearly now…

Video conferencing in stunning 4k - Meet, collaborate, connect and inspire.

In today’s disruptive business environment, the need for ever-more effective communication whilst reducing costs is an obvious imperative.

Clearly, video conferencing has grown as a core component of any unified communication solution over the past decade.

In particular, the plethora of video offerings is making effective video communication a MUST have - not a ‘nice to have’ functionality.

Lifesize has led the way in the development of enterprise-grade video solutions leading the world in interoperability and collaboration with any device, any network, and any vendor.




First impressions count – for both customers and sellers

We’ve all wandered through electronics stores and been drawn to, and amazed by, the clarity of first the HD – and now the 4k – experience. Lifesize has now brought this 4k experience to video conferencing.

In-keeping with their strategy to deliver continuous improvement and innovation to the video collaboration experience, Lifesize has announced the release of both 4K video and content - a world first!

What’s the big deal? Surely, it’s “just” video?

Good enough is no longer good enough.

The release of the 4K offering has a dramatic impact on the visual and collaboration experience. Simply, words cannot explain how great a difference this makes - it’s a fully immersive meeting experience, but irrefutably, seeing is believing!

The whole point is – your customers will want to buy this solution over and above competitive VC solutions. They will significantly improve the collaboration experience for their staff –and they’ll immediately be attracted to, and appreciate the benefits of, this 4k experience.

Are your customers comfortable with Office 365?

Good looks are not alone!

Many users are very comfortable within their Microsoft environment, and rely on familiar interfaces to get their work done. Lifesize 4k now fully integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook and the calendar applications within Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange – users can now join superb video quality meetings with one click from within the Teams application.


Microsoft Teams is great for providing a basic experience in terms of quality and functionality – however, too many organisations have been seeking a high definition enterprise grade solution without vendor boundaries, within the workflows their users are used to.

From boardroom, to mobile, to desktop, Lifesize can deliver a high quality, highly functional solution that can be delivered, on time, on budget and of superior quality.

Click here to gain access to our Lifesize 4k Resource Page to review a range of resources for your self-education, and to share with your customers.

Are you seeing clearly now?


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