Did you know 60% of callers put on hold, hang up and many never call back?

You’ve sold the phone system.

You’ve signed your customer up to SIP.

All the up to date infrastructure and services are now in place, so that YOUR customers can better deal with THEIR customers.

So how is it that 30% of new business calls to your customer hang up, never to ring back again?

Are YOUR customers repelling THEIR potential customers?

Here are the startling statistics, that are likely to apply to your customers:

  • 70% of business calls are placed on hold
  • The average amount of time spent on hold is 56 seconds

A website takes five seconds to load.  Why would anyone want to wait 56 seconds?

They don’t and won’t!

  • On average 60% of callers hang up
  • Startlingly - 30% of these callers never call back

Now – I like Mozart’s Eine Klein Nachtmusik as much as the next person…depending on who that next person is.

Customers on-hold generally don’t.  Particularly Millennials, who have grown up in the era of instant gratification.

That’s why they hang up.

So – how can you help YOUR customers to reduce this problem?

94% of businesses’ marketing budgets are spent on getting prospects to call that business.  It’s sheer insanity to let 30% of these new callers slip away! 

The solution?  Voice - the killer app!

Industry journal, Conversational, found 88% of callers preferred recorded messages including special offers over other on-hold options – with 20% claiming they made a purchase based on an on-hold promotion!

Now you can bring these statistics to your customers’ attention and – indeed – by using the link below, you can organise for your customers to receive a FREE demonstration audio! 

Acting as a trusted advisor

  • Many of your customers are not aware of these statistics
  • You can bring it to their attention – and sell them something they didn’t realise they need.
  • You can use the facts above to embrace Disruptive Selling™ as it occurs to your customers, and just as importantly, their customers.

What next? 

The best way to experience the power of recorded on-hold messages – is to have one produced for your company at NO CHARGE.

Enter your company details and what you’ve recently achieved or what you’re currently promoting.  We’ll have the experts at Messages On Hold provide you with a demo recording – at no charge. 

Help your customers help their customers

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