LANCOM Systems - remote working security in the times of Corona!

Willow here - working hard from my kitchen!

Per one of my recent blogs, 88% of Australian businesses are expected to send their employees to work from home.

That's great to stop the spread of the virus - but not so good from a security perspective!

What many of your customers may not know is that opening their network to remote workers is not safe if there are no security measures in place - and this doesn't happen by default.

A simple sales conversation starter

SALESPERSON:  Ms Customer - are you one of the 88% of Australian businesses that are relying on remote working in these difficult times?


SALESPERSON: Specifically - what measures have you implemented to secure your network given all this remote access?

CUSTOMER: Huh?!!!!!

You need your customers to understand how important it is to keep their network secure during these uncertain times and that it can have a dire impact on their business if they are not prepared.

What solutions can we offer?

LANCOM Systems and Aria Technologies

Between us we can offer solutions that include routers, wi-fi, switching and unified firewalls - with low touch installation and management. This last piece is important to explain to your customers.  The last thing they want to be putting time and energy into is technology - so low touch, plug it in and it works and is secure is a critical business and hence selling point.


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 3.51.42 pmThe LANCOM Management Cloud enables your customers to manage their network remotely, incredibly useful especially as people are moving to work from home.

The LANCOM Management Cloud is the world's first hyper-integrated management system that intelligently organises, optimises, and controls your customer's entire network architecture in terms of its WAN, LAN, WLAN, and Security. The system adapts dynamically to your customers' requirements, is future-proof, and offers maximum security.


Screen Shot 2020-04-01 at 3.32.40 pmLANCOM Virtual Private Networks provide businesses with safe and secure networks that can be utilised remotely. This offers your customers a safe, flexible and cost effective way to achieve remote working with the highest level of security protocol enabled.

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client provides users with secure encrypted to access the company network via a single click - irrespective of where they are! iOS devices can use LANCOM myVPN for free with each router!

Talk to us here at Aria about how you can offer your customers a free 30-day demo version with full functionality.


Dedicated 4G routers with VPN connectivity back to Head Office

LANCOM Systems and Aria Technologies have a range of solutions - such as the LANCOM 1780EW-4G+ router - to provide a dedicated all in one device to provide extra speed and secure VPN connectivity back to the office.  Apart from the security, it will ensure your remote workers won't be battling with Netflix, TikTok etc that other non-workers might be using at home!

Isn't it interesting how we got here!

This enforced working from home revolution is just one example of the digital transformation your customers are undertaking.

But if we asked this multiple choice question - which alternative do you think would get the highest score?





(The correct answer is C!!!!!)


Given the unprecedented demand for secure/remote solutions, our professional services arm AriaCare is here to support you AND your customers with any urgent installation or support requests.

Next steps

Talk to us about how you can put together LANCOM Systems security and management packages to help your customers solve a problem that they probably don't know they have!

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