Likes and shares look good – but they don’t pay the bills!

Willow here.

We all know that roughly half of our marketing is successful – the problem is we just don’t know which half!

Turns out – this is Aria Partners’ 4th highest concern in relation to marketing – how do we demonstrate ROI?


Challenge #4 – Demonstrating Marketing ROI

Here at Aria I LOVE spending money on marketing – particularly when it involves Aria Partners - but only it if works.

The problem is – in today’s world of empowered buyers, they download content, review websites, surf on social media – it is highly unlikely that any single piece of marketing material will generate a sale by itself.

Sure – we might get them to an event, we follow up and they buy something.  But was that because of the event, or one of our blogs that they read etc etc?

The conundrum with today’s modern buyer

Nowadays, buyers will digest large quantities of content before they decide to buy.

In fact – research says they get 2/3rds of the way through their journey without talking with a human!

This makes it difficult to work out the ROI per marketing channel (such as a blog), given that it may have been one of many engagements/interactions with the prospect during the sales journey

Measuring marketing ROI

Our marketing partner Carpe Diem Consulting has researched the research and put together a whitepaper around this whole area.

The advantage of sticking with Aria

I could go on ad nauseum about what you need to do – but each business is difference and you need tailored advice.

Here at Aria we’re not necessarily better marketers than you are – but we DO have the advantage on continually looking across our vendors and our customer base, to see what does and doesn’t work.

We can help.

We WANT to help.


The more we can make you successful – the more we’ll be successful!

Let’s review what you’re doing marketing-wise – maybe embark on some campaigns together – it can only help!


When the time comes to provide the marketing reports to the business owners; the marketers who can show concrete results, cost-cutting measures and increased ROI are the ones who are most likely to see their budgets increase over the next twelve months.

Coming up

In the next edition, we’ll review Challenge #5 around combining digital and traditional forms of marketing – and I’ll provide my usual commentary.

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