New legislation leaves customers vulnerable

Well – surprise, surprise – Facebook has let slip a mere 50million contact records! If this can happen to them, what chance do your customers have?!

Facebook data breach affected 50 million accounts 

Closer to home in Australia, Queensland Minister, Mark Bailey, is continually under fire for sending Government business emails from a private account. I suspect that the issue isn’t the private account – it’s more the lack of security that goes with that!

Queensland Government Minister using private email account despite ban from Premier

This also sounds a bit like Donald Trump’s rage regarding Hillary Clinton!

Trump's rage on Twitter re Hillary Clinton's emails getting hacked

The point is – in all probability – your customers’ networks aren’t as secure as they could be, and their email processes probably don’t meet best practice.

If you want to be your customers’ TRUSTED ADVISOR, you are DUTY BOUND to point this out to them!

Read our fact sheet to understand our best practice approach.

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