Playing To Win – Aria Technologies' top 5 cards to play in 2019

The past few years have undoubtedly been one of the most challenging and disruptive periods in the Australian ICT industry since deregulation.

The unmerciful disruption that the digitisation of business and enterprise has created, coupled with the relentless pace of innovation, has shaken the foundation of the global economic ecosystem.

Issues such as network security, digital sovereignty, hyper-integrated networks, digital marketing, disruptive and social selling - not to mention the now infamous if not ill-defined Cloud-as-a-Service phenomenon - are all now part of the landscape.

The time for lamenting over the 'good old days' and waiting to completely understand the market direction is over.

I believe the key strategic directions and opportunities are clear. It is time for ICT service providers to play their cards, with conviction.

Our vision at Aria Technologies is to enable our Partners with a bundled best-of-breed solution set of on-premise, virtualised and cloud-based Unified Communications products and services.

For 2019, Aria Technologies has identified our Royal Flush of opportunities for success:

  1. ACE - Disruption – NBN, ISDN retirement and closer to home End-Of-Life for Ericsson-LG iPECS LIK Series
  2. KING - Voice-as-a-Service - iPECS Cloud (public) and vUCP (private)
  3. QUEEN - Hyper-integrated networks – LANCOM Systems and SD-WAN
  4. JACK - Seeing is believing – Lifesize in 4K
  5. TEN - ICT Fundamentals – Aria LAN Assessment and Aria Virtual Desk top solutions

For our Partners, come see and hear more at our annual Roadshow.

If you haven’t already received an invitation, contact your Aria Channel Manager to reserve your seat at the table and let Aria Technologies deal you in.

This year we are PLAYING TO WIN...!

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