Remote tele-working is certainly going viral!

As per my previous blog on toilet paper the justified and unjustified business panic around coronavirus shows no signs of abating.

The 2 most popular phrases at the moment appear to be “self-isolation” and “social distancing” – so it is clear that virtual/remote working is key to limiting the spread of the virus.

These measures may well ensure your customers’ businesses remain open, and importantly assist them to show a duty of care to protect their staff in these times.

Guiding customers with solutions

No doubt your customers realise they have a problem – but that doesn’t mean they have all the answers.

With the national roll out of the NBN and the fast speed experienced on mobile data networks, an Ericsson-LG iPECS system guarantees your customers a superior fix to the problem.

Your customers may have this solution – but may need help with configuration, add-ons etc to realise their tele-working ambition.  Alternatively, they may need to buy a new system – now!  (And – for those of you that are interested – I’m personally running webinars Monday and Wednesday next week where I will explain how you can get the Government to subsidise a substantial proportion of any expense.

The respective links to join are to join via webinar, or to join via streaming.  Session times are:

Monday, 23rd March 2020, 1pm - 2pm
Wednesday, 25th March 2020, 11.30am-12.30pm


Ericsson-LG and Aria Technologies providing out of the box solutions

Here is a list of features/benefits that I think you should be highlighting with your customers and prospects:

1 - Mobile Extension (no internet required)

This is a great feature that presents an incoming office call to your handset/DID directly on your mobile number. No further applications are required.

Your customer’s tele-worker doesn’t even need to be at home to take calls (unless of course they’re self-isolated!)

This feature is similar to call forwarding however you can dial * on your mobile during a call to:

  • Transfer the call to another extension
  • Park the call
  • Dial a paging zone
  • Transfer the call to a conference room

What else might your customers like to know?

  • These features are available with all Ericsson-LG extensions, including Ericsson-LG iPECS Cloud
  • Tele-workers can log in or out of a queue
  • Tele-workers can be notified of voicemail messages remotely
  • Tele-workers can call their DID to make an external call. The system will recognise their mobile’s CLI and will provide a dial tone ready to make a call.
  • These mobile extension features can be turned on or off at the end of the day or shift.



Ericsson-LG has their iPECS UCS application for mobile, tablet or PC – for your customers with this requirement.

iPECS UCS allows staff that are working remotely to easily make and receive a work call on any device. Calls can be handled as if the tele-worker was at their office handset.

What else might your customers like to know?

The key highlights of iPECS UCS include:

  • Integrated presence
  • Instant messaging, SMS and Note
  • Voice and video calling
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Single and multi-log-in by user license
  • Click-to-call
  • Call control
  • Visual voicemail with intuitive UI
  • MS Outlook synchronisation
  • MS Exchange Server integration
  • Organisation chart
  • Supports multiple call servers
  • Client virtualisation
  • Active Directory based single sign-on
  • CRM integration

3 - IP handsets and Cordless Phones

Remote tele-workers desiring a handset to work from home have the option of a cordless phone or IP handset. They simply take the device home and connect it to their home network to enjoy the same features as if they were working in the office.

What next?

You need to survey and evaluate EVERY customer/prospect you have.  No one is immune to what’s happening – and businesses are looking for answers – urgently!

I think this is our collective opportunity to reinforce that we’re not really providers of hardware and software – we’re here to provide solutions to problems, and the problems at the moment just happen to be urgent.

If you’d like ANY type of support at all – technical advice, marketing campaign suggestions, sales assistance – just register here.

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