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Aria Technology' Peter Williamson - aka willowHi – Peter Williamson here – aka “Willow”.

Welcome to my Words of Wisdom!

I’ve always wanted to keep Aria Technologies top of mind with our valued Partners - and now I want to do more than that. I want to offer you more in-depth sales and marketing resources, so you can start ‘brand new’ opportunities with your customers.

You see, I’ve had an epiphany! Those of you that know me will understand I like to ‘shake things up(!)’ And now I’ve uncovered some approaches to help you ‘shake up’ your customers – improving their businesses, whilst at the same time creating brand new sales opportunities.

Not just new opportunities – ones that your competitors aren’t even aware of!

Welcome to the Aria Technologies Online Marketing Program! We want to be more to you than just technology distributors.

Educating and disrupting the market

Data breach laws light bulb educting and disrupting

You’re all aware of the great technology solutions provided by our vendors, including Telstra, Ericsson-LG Enterprise, Lifesize, Plantronics, Messages On Hold, LANCOM Systems and SO WIFI.

Here at Aria Technologies, we want to work with you to show you new ways to use content marketing – and so called Disruptive SellingTM techniques – to build on top of these vendors’ great solutions to increase your sales funnel, improve your sales win rate, drive up your revenues, and importantly help your customers improve their businesses.

This blog – and a number of content pieces we’ll bring to your attention during the coming months – will feature new sales opportunities by helping your customers realise there could be better ways of running their businesses.

Let’s stop the Government from fining your customers

Data breach laws - stop government fining customers

In February 2018 the Federal Government will introduce Mandatory Data Breach Notification legislation - and in May 2018 the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will also come into place.

The long and short of it is that many of your customers will have to report security breaches on their networks – yet many of them won’t even be aware should it happen!

There are serious consequences – Company Directors could face substantial fines!  For the Mandatory Data Breach Notification this could amount to a fine of $360,000 for individuals - and breaching the EU regulations could result in a company fine of at least €20million!!!!

Identifying customers’ network security deficiencies

Identifying customers’ network security deficiencies

In partnership with Telstra, Aria Technologies has developed a ‘LAN Assessment’ that – amongst other things – will identify security deficiencies in your customers’ networks, and provide recommendations for them to ‘plug the holes’.

The best way to avoid having to report a security breach is to stop it happening in the first place!

True win-win - profiting by helping your customers remove security vulnerabilities

Helping customers remove security vulnerabilities

The Mandatory Data Breach Legislation - and GDPR - are going to be big news. Don’t wait for your competitors to muscle in on your customers! Talk with them now about undertaking a LAN Assessment to identify, and then remedy, any security issues.

The good news is – Aria Technologies will do it on your behalf! You get the revenue, you get the credit, you get the follow-up project opportunities – and we do the work, all in your name!

To launch the Aria Technologies Online Marketing Program, we’ve created a white paper, to assist you to have meaningful conversations with your customers around the Mandatory Data Breach legislatoin, and GDPR. You’ll help your customers – we’ll do the work – you’ll reap the benefits

To assist you take advantage of this opportunity - Register your details here - and an Aria Technologies expert will be in contact OR download our free white paper Will you let your customers get fined under Australia’s new data breach laws? now. 

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