Survey - Your Customers' Remote Working Challenges

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It's not new news that most employees are now working from home - but those organisations that think it's as simple as sending employees home with their laptops could be in for a huge shock!

We've started to hear from various Aria Partners that their customers are encountering some standard problems.  Worse still they're encountering them but they don't realise it!

Top 5 remote working problemsIMG_5261

The top 5 issues appear to be:

  1. Virtual Private Network (VPN) reliability
  2. Poor or bad voice quality
  3. Access to company applications
  4. Security
  5. Distractions and loneliness

How do we address this?

This is the first in a series of 3 blogs that we think will add value.

Blog 1 (this one) - by clicking on the aptly named TAKE SURVEY button at the bottom we want you to order our list of 5 issues so we can understand which ones you're finding are most prevalent.  We've even included an OTHER box so you can tell us if you're seeing something else in the marketing place.

Blog 2 - we're going to publish a download page, full of instructions and template eDMs that you can send out to your customers, so that we can collectively sell "what's on the truck." (Obviously whilst solving customer pain points.)

Blog 3 - we'll publish the results of this survey, and provide solutions that you can recommend to your customers that you can provide NOW!

I look forward to any feedback you may have!

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