The opportunity facts around fax

Willow here.

Even in my wildest and most fiendish dreams, I couldn’t have created the perfect storm of opportunity that is the situation with fax machines in Australia at the moment.

Opportunities for you.

Opportunities for Aria.

But, most importantly, both of the above leading to opportunities for our customers to remove significant risk from their businesses. If we truly want to be their Trusted Advisor, this perfect storm of fax mandates us to have proactive conversations, to (literally) avoid some of them going over the cliff.

In this whitepaper, you’ll read about:

  • How fax usage is still being mandated
  • Recent (ie August 2018) research that says all fax machines are hackable
  • Many fax machines won’t work on SIP/nbn
  • General fax usage opens the door to identity theft.

And, you’ll remember, that only a few weeks ago, we were joined by Stephane Vidal, VP Marketing & Communications and Don Saynor, VP Channel Sales from the XMedius HQ in North America to launch a range of XMedius products, including XMediusFAX.

We have the solution – but we also want to help you to have the conversation.

So, as well as outlining the issues in our whitepaper, we’re also offering a 5 step sales approach to help you surface and convert these opportunities.

Let’s jointly profit by giving our customers the help no doubt they’re not getting anywhere else!

Download customer data sovereignty whitepaper

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