Turning over a new (Star)Leaf

As you’ve probably heard Aria is ending its relationship with Lifesize – and we’re entering a new exciting partnership with StarLeaf.

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Based in the UK, StarLeaf offers enterprise grade VC and security features. Ease of use is one of the standouts, as is the fact that StarLeaf has been willing to work with Aria to come up with well-priced bundles for the SMB market.

This review captures the value that StarLeaf provides:

If you’re looking for a collaboration and communication service that supports seamless collaboration and high-quality communication in a somewhat unpredictable work environment, then StarLeaf could be great for you. It’s designed for the business with a constantly-changing work environment, offering support from large meeting rooms to fixed desks and remote offices.

No matter what you need from your video systems, StarLeaf offers state-of-the-art cloud-based communication services to your entire team. (UC Today)

Some key capabilities are as follows:

  • Instant video meetings
  • Unlimited meetings and guest invites
  • Invite anyone with a PC, Mobile, Tablet, Mac into a meeting
  • Audio conferencing
  • Zero touch install
  • End-to-end encryption
  • ISO/IEC 27001 certified
  • Easy to use

Of great use to your customers is that StarLeaf plays well with other platforms:

We have StarLeaf information on our website which you can access HERE.

Customer strategy

Given StarLeaf’s interoperability you can offer your customer a StarLeaf solution now – so they can take advantage of its flexibility, ease of use and competitive pricing.

When your customer comes to upgrade their initial systems, you can guide them toward a complete StarLeaf solution.

By using the app your customers will simply love StarLeaf and you will be a good chance of achieving conversions.

Further help

To help further we are offering:

  • Trade-in discounts for existing customer installations
  • Discounted demonstration hardware for partners
  • A free Partner demonstration account.
  • Free trial available HERE

Next steps

To download our full briefing back, eDM that you can send to your customers – and to request a call from the Aria Team – click here.


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