Voice is the Killer App

Willow here!

5 months into the global pandemic that is COVID-19 and one thing that has become very clear is that voice is the killer app!

Like many of my colleagues and staff I’ve had to quickly embrace the new communication norms. Meetings are now all on StarLeaf video conferencing with the remainder of communications occurring through the very NON-personal mediums of email and other omni-channel communications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and SMS, to name a few.

The research bears out the preference for voice!


Top Channels for Immediate Service in Crisis2020 CGS Customer Services Preferences in Times of Distress Survey

Zoom Fatigue

Some of these communication mediums are now showing signs of fatigue. New terms such as Zoom Fatigue have begun to appear in our industry. The taxing effect of virtual meetings can be seen in everyday video conferencing with users turning off their cameras and communicating by voice.

Digital transformation for Australian businesses has been fast tracked by force this year. Unified Communications and remote working tools are being adopted at record rates.

Now more than ever Australian businesses – your customers - need to have the basics, such as voice enabled telephony. It needs to be:

  • scalable
  • reliable, and
  • cost effective

for small and medium businesses to survive.

Every business also needs a continuity plan to enable workers to work from anywhere in case of an emergency situation. This brings me to my point - voice is the killer app!!! The need for “easy and personal” human connection is greater than ever before.

The New Normal

I believe the Australian workplace has changed forever. Offices will become smaller, work flexibility will be an important factor and work from anywhere solutions such as those offered by Ericsson-LG and business nbn™ will help enable organisations to do so.

Global research by Forbes has shown that almost 40% of customers stated that having the opportunity to speak to a live agent is a “make-or-break” factor to having a successful customer service interaction. Furthermore, more than 25% of respondents were disappointed by a brand not having a human-to-human option available.

Voice is here to stay!

The Solution For Your Customers

                                           Ericsson LG             business nbn

Ericsson-LG and business nbn™ can offer an outstanding opportunity to help that the mission critical service of voice is always available.

It is important to have a solution that will allow your business to handle phone calls either from your:

  • office
  • remote office
  • home or
  • on the road.

Whether it be a UC client on a mobile, an IP handset in the office or a cordless IP handset at home, we have your voice needs covered! These solutions can be deployed quickly and easily using zero touch deployment through Aria.

It is also important to understand their underlying broadband connections. Previously customer's internet, phone and alarm systems were on completely different systems which many fail to realise. Now it’s all zero’s and ones going through the one connection – one connection that if you don’t get it right can determine a poor level of customer satisfaction and retention, especially when in the office where there can be multiple calls going at once. This is where it is important to understand nbn’s traffic classes. Traffic Class 1 for example is primarily used to support voice services – specifically Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – and designed to provide access to the following features:

  • A Committed Information Rate (CIR) at a wholesale level, designed to help make voice communication high quality. Symmetrical wholesale download and upload speeds, designed to help make voice communication seamless.
  • Appropriate wholesale bandwidth allocation designed to make voice communication cost-effective.

Asking those extra questions such as how many phone lines and where is key to get a deeper understanding of your customers business will put you ahead of the competition.

Multiple Options

Irrespective of your technology and deployment preference, Aria have all options available, these being:

  • Traditional on Premise Telephony
  • Virtualised Phone System (such as VMware)
  • Cloud Telephony.

Ericsson-LG solutions and business nbn™ solutions delivers the reliable, quality, business grade solution your customers need. Ericsson-LG and business nbn™ help to deliver committed information rate, low latency with high Quality of Service offerings.

nbn™ Is Enabling The Revolution

nbn™ has delivered the biggest change in communications and connectivity in Australia’s history. This is now the cornerstone of the digital revolution - and having fast reliable internet connectivity is essential for any business. This can help businesses to connect offices and deliver flexible working solutions, enabling workers to work from home with the same experience as if they were in the office. This combined with an SD-WAN solution such as LANCOM Systems helps secure users and provide them with a quality experience. This can deliver the killer APP – VOICE through an Ericsson-LG remote handset or Softphone with access to all office applications.

This is not the way of the future, this is now.

It truly is a business revolution.

Ensuring Your Sales Success

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