Working from home? Don't sacrifice privacy for security

Willow here.

Working from home is becoming the new normal.

But if your customers are sending employees home in BYOD mode, they may be opening themselves up for terrible outcomes.

Together we need to help them out!

What’s the potential vulnerability?

Employees’ personal desktops/laptops and mobile phones aren’t always protected according to each employer’s office standards.

Furthermore, the personal endpoints used at home are also vulnerable to risks coming from other family members’ devices, the home network and even IoT used at home.

What’s the risk?

Connecting external and unprotected devices to a company’s network could create a potential cross contamination, which could allow hackers to penetrate the company systems.

The security-privacy conflict

Employers would obviously like to protect their employees’ devices as much as they can.  But they also don’t want to impinge on their employees’ privacy with managed security products.

The solution

Check Point’s SandBlast software could provide the solution for your customers.

SandBlast Agent – endpoint protection and threat prevention

Today’s borderless networks are redefining endpoint protection. With a variety of endpoints freely accessing networks, they’re storing sensitive corporate data. As the need for people to work remotely increases it is important to protect their endpoints to stop cyber-attacks and keep information secure. SandBlast Agent is the advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention solution to protect your organisation.

Key Product Benefits

  • Mature endpoint capabilities to protect against known and unknown cyberattacks
  • Industry best practices elevate endpoint security to combat targeted and evasive attacks
  • High catch rates and low false positives ensure efficient security efficacy and effective prevention
  • Automated forensics data analysis offers detailed insights into threats
  • Full attack containment and remediation quickly restore any infected systems

SandBlast Mobile – Mobile Security

Workers have gone mobile - so have hackers. Mobile attacks more than doubled in 2019, according to Gartner. Only SandBlast Mobile, the market-leading mobile threat defence solution, will keep your customers’ sensitive data safe.

Key Product Benefits

  • You’ll never hear from SandBlast Mobile unless there is a security event
  • If an event triggers an alert, both users and administrators instantly get all details
  • The on-device app performs without draining battery life or data consumption
  • No personal data is ever collected or analysed

The ULTIMATE benefit of course is that employees can SAFELY work from home – NOT ENDANGERING corporate data or security – all WITHOUT SACRIFICING their PRIVACY using a DEVICE THEY KNOW. 

What does it include?

You can download datasheets via

What next?

Aria’s experts can work with you to help you audit individual customers’ situations and recommend a solution that “privately protects!”  Click HERE to leave your details and we will immediately be in touch.

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