Arrest that goldfish – it stole my data!

Will you let it break into your customers’ networks?

That goldfish is real!

I recently attended a seminar on data security hosted by Check Point Software Technologies, and I was again struck by the insidious nature and extraordinary growth in cyber espionage and crimes.

One of the speakers told the story of a Casino that suffered a serious network breach via access through the temperature control unit in the Aquarium in the Casino foyer. Urban myth or reality? Unfortunately, I can assure you it is true.

Growth in cyber crime

Theft of information and money is no longer the domain of bank robbers, burglars and pick-pockets - it is now the playground of criminal gangs, terrorists and goldfish.

We are all aware of numerous reports of cyber breaches of hotel chains, individuals and even dating sites. Similarly, we’ve all read articles on various breaches or read the blogs outlining the ‘Top Ten Actions To Avoid Becoming A Victim’.

Yet, I am continually bombarded with tales of victims of digital transformation through poor data security detection and prevention practices.

How likely is it your customers are safe – if even Governments aren’t?!

Read more here about a recent Australian Federal Government breach…


…or indeed access the information in this IT Governance report, summarising about the 1.46 BILLION of breached records – in APRIL 2019 ALONE!

1This stuff isn’t subtle –is it really likely that you have any customers at all that aren’t at some risk?

Highlighting the customer risk with the Aria Technologies LAN Assessment

LAN_Assessment_Image_2My concern is even more amplified when I look at the results from recent Aria Technologies LAN Assessment reports. Frankly, none of the results from the many assessments done are anywhere near where they need to be – indeed, even Aria Technologies’ own assessment did not pass muster.

(If you’re not familiar with Aria Technologies’ LAN Assessment service – or the best way to use Disruptive Selling™ to sell it – download our whitepaper here.)

You can also hear me being interviewed briefly about the Disruptive Selling™ approach in this recorded webinar.

The LAN Assessment service will review:

  • Cloud
  • Network
  • Devices, and
  • Mobility

and indeed peer into the dark web to identify likely breach sources, and how to secure them.

DETECTING and FIXING BREACHES is a REMEDIAL solution – the LAN Assessment will PREDICT and hence PREVENT them.

It is simply IMPERATIVE that you assume TRUSTED ADVISOR status with your customers – DISRUPT their thinking with the sorts of statistics I’m presenting here and in the previous whitepaper. You can also download our Data Breach Flow Chart here.

Disrupting customers around security

I’ve previously dedicated a blog to Disruptive Selling™ to assist you, our Partners, to bring these insights to your customers. Also, you’ll notice a button at the end of this blog so that you can download what I believe is one of the best documents to help anyone understand the fundamentals of digital security and digital protection.

It’s time for us to get our Customers to take action!

This is, without doubt, the number one issue facing businesses and individuals today. At best, we can expect our bank accounts and credit cards to be compromised or our businesses to be fined for non-compliance to new digital security laws. At worst, our identity can be stolen or our business ruined.

If a casino can experience a material security breach via the goldfish in the foyer - IT IS TIME TO TAKE ACTION!

Whilst the inventor of Disruptive Selling™, Bruce Rasmussen and I may argue whether the following quotation comes from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice or indeed, Benjamin Franklin famously advising fire-threatened Philadelphians in 1736 – the sentiment remains the same, and has never been more current: 

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.“

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