Disrupting customers – to give birth to brand new buying journeys

Willow here.

In our industry in particular we live in a world of disruption.

We’re paid to keep up with the changes brought about by the Telstra’s of the world – our customers are not!  They have their day jobs!

How often have we seen a customer running their ICT in a way that is costing them money, losing their agility, taking too long etc etc.

Often these customers are blissfully unaware they could be doing things better.

This is where Disruptive Selling™ comes into play, and this is a drum I’ve been banging on now for some years.


Challenge #3 – Providing disruptive insights for use by your sales team

Now – this is all great – Willow is banging on his Disruptive Selling™ drum – so what?

The answer to the “so what” question is that if you can master Disruptive Selling™ you’ll start unlimited new deals with your customers, at the same time genuinely helping them to improve their businesses.

The only comfort I can take in that your #3 challenge being around providing disruptive insights to your sales team, is that at least my message is getting through!

So I’m now going to cover 2 things:

  1. Exactly what is Disruptive Selling™, and how do these things called disruptive insights fit in?
  2. What’s one specific action that you can take hand in hand with Aria to generate disruptive insights on the spot – with Aria doing the heavy lifting for you.

What is Disruptive Selling™, and what are disruptive insights?

I can write ad infinitum (and in fact I have via this link) – but if a picture speaks 1,000 words, then a recorded webinar must speak millions!

Embedded below is a recent webinar I recorded with Bruce Rasmussen from our marketing partner Carpe Diem Consulting that provides more background to Disruptive Selling™, and the opportunity it provides for Aria Partners.

Disruptive Selling™

One action to create disruptive insights – and new deals – NOW!

Having viewed the webinar (as I have no doubt you have done!), you will have seen how we used the 22%|10% statistic to sell our Aria LAN Assessment service.

You can do this too – and what’s even better – we’ll undertake the assessment on your behalf, under your brand(!) – so you can point out to your customers their challenges, but also how you can fix them (which sounds to me like new deal opportunities!)

Here’s the multi-win:

  • We’ll help you sell the Aria LAN Assessment into your customer base
  • We’ll do the Assessment on your behalf – under your brand - and help you present the disruptive findings to your customers
  • You get the new deals
  • We get to sell you the stuff to solve the problems identified within your customers
  • Your customers get dramatic business improvements!

Just click here to give us some basic information, and one of our experts will be in touch to map out a customised plan for you to benefit from our Aria LAN Assessment.

Coming up

In the next edition, we’ll review Challenge #4 around demonstrating the ROI of marketing efforts – and I’ll provide my usual commentary.

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