The ISDN Door Closes, the SIP Door Opens!

Willow here again – with more words of wisdom!

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback on my previous blog and accompanying whitepaper around Australia’s new data breach laws, which indeed are now in place!

In this blog, I want to turn my attention to NBN. It’s great technology, but some aspects of it will “sneak up” on your customers, with potentially dire consequences.

Telstra is retiring ISDN due to the NBN roll out. Folk need to sign up to SIP. Telstra has written to their customers about this – I suspect in the cacophony of letters customers receive on a daily basis, this message hasn’t gotten through.

Quite literally – if your customers don’t soon get in the queue to transition to SIP, they may miss out. Their ISDN might be turned off with no alternative in place – they’ll lose their phone number, and their data services.


One door closes – another door opens

What a great opportunity for both Aria Technologies and our Partners to add value to our customers. We can step out of being commodity providers. We can help customers avoid a problem they don’t even know they’re facing!

I’ve heard Partners bemoaning the reduction in remuneration in Fixed Wire – seriously, I think selling this is waiting for a compelling event that’s already happened!

So – that compelling event has gone – let’s create a new one! If your customers are calm in relation to ISDN – then TOGETHER LET’S DISRUPT THEM, FOR ALL OF OUR BENEFIT!

I’d encourage you to download our white paper, that will:

  • Explain the situation in relation to ISDN and SIP
  • Outline benefits for both customers and Partners
  • Outline the 5 key questions you need to ask Partners prior to making the sale.

And – as always – ARIA IS HERE TO HELP.

To help you to help your customers - we’ve created a white paper, to assist you to have meaningful conversations with them around ISDN and SIP. The whitepaper provides a link to a form that will prompt us to contact you to help you sell a number of opportunities, based on you completing a few simple questions about your customers.

Or to have an Aria Technologies expert contact you now - register your details here

Disrupt your customers for their own benefit - free whitepaper

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