Arrest that goldfish – it stole my data!

Will you let it break into your customers’ networks?

That goldfish is real!

I recently attended...

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Everyone can see clearly now…

Video conferencing in stunning 4k - Meet, collaborate, connect and inspire.

In today’s...

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Breakthrough voice solutions - do customers really know best?

Our research indicates that in roughly 70% of situations our customers approach us telling us...

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Playing To Win – Aria Technologies' top 5 cards to play in 2019

The past few years have undoubtedly been one of the most challenging and disruptive periods in...

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I remember when water was free and porn cost money!

Firstly, allow me to wish all of our readers a fabulous festive season full of friends, family,...

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Top tips to uncover new winning voice opportunities

Voice in the cloud or not in the cloud – that is the question!

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New legislation leaves customers vulnerable

Well – surprise, surprise – Facebook has let slip a mere 50million contact records! If this can...

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The opportunity facts around fax

Willow here.

Even in my wildest and most fiendish dreams,

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Did you know 60% of callers put on hold, hang up and many never call back?

You’ve sold the phone system.

You’ve signed your customer up

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Not everyone says nice things about you

Bad news and reviews are like racehorse tips: tell one person and that’s 11 who know, tell two...

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